Master Plan Delhi 2021

The way the problem of burgeoning population is being witnessed across the nooks and corner of the city Delhi, is surely and undoubtedly creating a great nuisance. In last six decades, the population has increased ten fold times. The present population is estimated to be 1.7 crore but according to the Delhi Development Authority’s estimate, the current infrastructure support only 1.5 crore people. By the end of the year 2021, the population is expected to increase by 60 lakh. To cover up the existing deficit and to combat the expected population, it is necessary to create the required infrastructure.

DDA has thus come up with the Master Plan Delhi 2021. It was in the year 1962 when first 20-year Master Plan for Delhi came into being. It was modified later to cover up the period upto 2001. But none of them could meet the unprecedented population growth so far. There have been problems like shortage of roads, sewerage, water supply, housing, transportation and power. The challenge which lies infront of DDA is to develop urban areas from the scratch to accommodate new 80 lakh population.

The guiding principle of MPD 2021 is to make Delhi a global metropolis and world class city, wherein people have a conducive sustainable environment to live a productive life. It aim to provide affordable housing to people.

The following are the steps which MPD 2021 aims to practice the to resolve the issues:

  • Provide affordable housing to large population.
  • Creating more of open spaces.
  • Redevelopment of low residential areas i.e. incentives on redevelopment.
  • Making Delhi a technologically developed city.
  • Better augmentation of resources and services.
  • To involve private sector in the development process.
  • Enhancement of Floor Area Ratio.

Reviewing the MPD 2021 in every five years and making changes in plan in accord with the requirements of the city Delhi.