Dwarka L Zone Advantages

It is envisioned that LPP will unlock around 25000 acres of land. MPD 2021 aims to generate 1.6 million dwelling units that will provide accomodation to 10 million people in the capital. Whole development will take place.
LPP is all set to generate inflow worth 7 Lakh crores and will boost the economy of the country.

Some of the many advantages of LPP are:
Affordable housing for Economically Weaker Section of the society. Around 10 Lakh houses will be given to urban or EWS by DDA. The decision will surely help in abolishing slums in Delhi. To provide shelter to everyone DDA has partnered with private developers. The price of these flats will be kept as low as Rs 10 Lakhs. This will help in filling the gap between rich and poor and bring all people under one umbrella.
With increasing population increases the demand of offices and commercial places. MPD 2021 plans to overcome the hapzard in commercial sector. And these offices will be developed in open spaces. It is expected around 50000 offices will be developed.

Government along with private players will construct public and semi-public facilities which will include 300 hospitals, 1000 schools, 40 colleges and 4 universities. Thus all the areas will reap the benefit of technology.The policy has evolved in a manner that it involves public participation. The surge in supply of land and finished products will definitely enshrin the vision of MPD 2021.

MPD 2021 and LPP together have led to the implementation of Dwarka-Gurgaon metro line, reduced the low density resedential area for farm houses from 2.5 acre to one acre. The value of rural lands which is Rs 20000 per sq. yard is expected to increased Rs 50000 per sq. yard after LPP. Not only this LPP and MPD 2021 together will not only lead to completion of Delhi Smart Cities project but will also generate govt. and private jobs for skilled and unskilled labor. Once LPP is operationalised 6 Lakh direct jobs will be created in construction and logistics sector and 6 Lakh indirect jobs will be created for economically weaker section of the society.
LPP and MPD 2021 if implemented without any roadblocks will definitely be the biggest achievement for the government.